Sunday, January 5, 2014

We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

See what I did there?  The title said we were I added pictures...of our backs.  Heyooooo!  Okay, anyway, I am here writing as part of an intention (versus a resolution) I have for 2014: to re-start up this blog and keep our peeps updated with the going-ons of our clan.  We have been on this ride with this blog for some time.  There have been times of plenty and times of drought....the goal of this run is consistency.  Regular, timely, succinct yet thorough posts so that friends and family from all over can know what's up with us.  Deal?  Deal.  I've consulted Ali and she's been convinced (read: coerced) into agreeing to write more frequently than any of our other attempts.  It will be one of our many partner projects for the year.  Alrighty, enough with the preface/disclaimer/subtle accountability request...on with the blogging.

It has been an eternity so I will give you two highlights in a quick and dirty version of an update:

-The fam-a-lam has once again moved across country and we are now in Tacoma, WA.  The west coast was callin' and we heard her song.  We have wafted our way back to Washington state but this time to the west side of the mountains.  Our friends Hal and Anna are here which makes for having awesome neighbors.  I stayed with them before I found a place (and while Ali and the kids were in Minnesota for the summer) so I still refer to them affectionately as former roommates.  Tacoma is beautiful!  Yes it rains a lot here but that keeps everything really green.  And the rain isn't bad, it's more misty than anything.  There are a lot of parks for the kids, approximately five frozen yogurt places within a mile and a half from where we live, and there is a zoo really close too.  Bubba loves that part the most I think.  We found a little house that we rent about a mile from work. Speaking of which...    

-I have started a new position at the University of Puget Sound as of August.  I am an Assistant Director of Residence Life here and am working with operations.  It has been a good position and I have connected well with lots of staff and students at the institution.  The campus is immaculate (thanks to our award-winning Grounds crew) and there are some very high-caliber professionals I get to rub shoulders with.  I'm new to the position so there is still a lot to learn...but I am getting there.  I am officially a Logger (their mascot) and am trying my best to do the dang thing here.  

That's a short two points and we will be more thorough from here on out.  Overall, we are doing well.  Still getting settled in, figuring out our routines, and carving out life (once again) in some new surroundings.  

Blessings on your 2014!  I hope that your holiday seasons were filled with family, friends, food, and refreshment.   We will have an update on our past couple months soon...honest.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


My little girl talks so much. It often confirms for me that she is becoming my big girl. So, to log this moment in time (before she gets too old and starts reciting entire poems and such) I wanted to make a list of the words she currently uses. Here goes...

K (short for Keola)
Bubba (I think replacement for brother)
Baby (again in reference to her little bro)
Jammies (aka pajamas)
Car seat
Piko (belly button in Hawaiian)
Fish (referring to the animal and snack cracker)
Stinky (in reference to her feet)
Shi shi
iPad (Dale couldn't be prouder of his granddaughter speaking Apple already)
Grandma (referring to Bonnie)
Grandpa (referring to Dale)
Ali (she realizes that this is what I call mommy so she tries it out)
Pacie (referring to pacifier)
Grammy (referring to my mom)
Papa (referring t my dad)
I know
Thank you
All done/all pau
Big Bird
Excuse me
G (in reference to Gena...and Jesus for that matter. You're in good company Bevilacqua!)
Bath time
'Chelle (in reference to Richelle)
Kyrkja (some people reading this post couldn't say this's pronounced like "keerka")

I am certain this isn't exhaustive. There are probably some foods, some friends, and some Sesame Street characters that I am missing. But this hopefully makes clear how fast she is growing up. My wonderful wife is raising an amazing young lady. Thank you, Alison.


PS- Near future posts...visits to MN and HI! Stay tuned. We might try and do more of a photo entry for those...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Keola Isaiah Pau

Our little man has rushed into this world (literally), this family, and into our hearts. Even though it is horribly overdue, I thought I owed it to my son to tell his birth story. Here goes....and please bear with me because it could be a long story.

The build up...

Baby Pau is due on Sunday, September 11.

Thursday, September 8:

So, Ali goes to a normal doctors appointment on Thursday and she finds out that she is 4 centimeters dilated. Whoa. Baby is a coming! The doctor says that she would like to strip the membranes to get this baby moving...Ali tells the doctor that I had a cold so they decide to wait. But the doctor says something to the effect of "I don't usually say this to mothers, but this baby is coming soon." Ali calls Bon Bon (my mother in law) and has her get on down to Worcester. Ali begins the nightly ritual of bouncing on a yoga ball to help motivate baby to head out...literally.

Friday, September 9:

Bonnie gets in Friday night and we head to pick up some hot wings for Ali to induce labor. Hot wings consumed, no baby. Maybe tomorrow?

Saturday, September 10:

Ali goes to get a prenatal massage that should hopefully get this baby moving. Massage enjoyed, no baby. We go to walk around Target for a bit to see if being in Ali's favorite store inspires this baby to come on out. Deals found (I am sure of it), no baby. So Ali hears that eating eggplant will induce labor. Eggplant Parmesan from Ciao Bella coming right up. Awesome Italian ingested, no baby. Perchance tomorrow?

Sunday, September 11:

Baby Pau is supposed to be here today! No dice...just yet. Bonnie and Ali wanted to head on out to the outlets for some shopping and for Ali to walk a bunch and get this baby out. This was kind of scary because the outlets were about an hour away from the hospital we were supposed to be delivering at. We made sure the baby bag was in the van before we left. We stop by Ali's second favorite store, Vera Bradley, Anela chases Ali around the mall, we walk for what seems like forever...nada. New bag for Ali (and Bonnie picks up some goodies, too), no baby. Ali's friend Natasha, as well as the gate guard Shane swear that Chinese food will induce this baby. Nancy Changs here we come! Yummy beef broccoli and extra spicy orange chicken gobbled, no baby. Baby Pau is officially late and perpetuating a stereotype of being on "Hawaiian time." Oh brother...

Monday, September 12:

Wake up and get ready for work. Ali tells me that she feels "funny"...not like baby's coming but just out of sorts. She calls our doctor to see if she could be seen that afternoon, appointment gets set up for 1pm. Finished getting ready, one foot out the door, Ali hollers downstairs that she thinks she's having contractions so she was going to call the doctor to see if she can get in earlier.

I figured this baby must be coming so I run into the office to finish up some work and I get the call. "Tyler, we gotta go to the hospital now." Woo hoo! Here we go folks!

The Delivery...

We rush to the hospital (where our doctor is), which luckily isn't too far away from our place. On the way there, Ali shares that the contractions are pretty sustained ones coming about every 5 minutes. Ummm, from everything I can remember from Anelas birth, that sounds like go time. We get in to see the midwife, she checks Ali at 11:07am. With shock Marianne (not our regular midwife) says, "Honey, you are 10cm." Yeah, that sounds like go time for sure. She calmly slinks out of the room saying “just one minute” while she musters a pseudo calm smile as the door shuts. Then we hear a shout "I NEED A WHEELCHAIR IN HERE NOW!" Next we hear some panting and heavy footsteps as a nurse comes to the door, out of breath she says, “I am here let's go.” Through the (what felt like) underground tunnels of the hospital we dash until we emerge in the labor and delivery section of the hospital. Oh yeah, go time for friggin' sure.

We arrive in the delivery room where there are about 3 to 4 people still getting the room ready. The delivery nurse welcomes us, like a good host, and as of yet doesn’t know the severity of the situation. Well, we didn’t even really know the severity of the situation either. The nurse says “So we are gonna have a baby today?” and the ever-calm Marianne yelps back “We are gonna have a baby now!” Gulp. Go time indeed. Ali rips off her street clothes (much like an NBA player taking off their tear-aways to get into the game) and jumps into a hospital gown. She goes to get into the bed, while everyone is still setting up, I think I might even have my backpack on and hospital bag in hand, and she mentions how she is feeling a ton of pressure. Left foot into the bed...splash. Her water breaks! Like how it does in the movies! My cute wife then says almost sheepishly “Oops..but that feels so much better.” Definitely go time.

The Twist…

Here is where it gets a little crazy. Marianne goes to check Ali's progress. She then puts on the most shocked face I have seen on a medical professional. Ever. It might have been a good face on Greys Anatomy or Private Practice…but seemed alarming to me. Then she mutters “Oh sh!t…” Now, I don’t want to tell anyone how to do their job...but I feel like certain professions should lose the right to use that phrase. Barbers…you don’t want to hear that while they are cutting your hair. Tattoo artists…never ever want to hear that while having your skin indelibly marked. Doctor, nurse, midwife, etc…no ways. Anyway, back to the story. Marianne then proceeds to tell a nurse in the room that the baby is breech. Okay, maybe “oh sh!t” was appropriate. Ali starts to freak a little and say “What? No it was head down on Thursday! I am certain of it. I remember.” Marianne gathers her cool and replies “Sweetheart, I believe you but this baby is breech now.” I basically freeze at this point. Little to no good to anyone. At least I think I have my backpack off.

The next thing I remember is one of the nurses saying that they should check if doctor so and so was in because he has the most experience with breech deliveries. He is paged and arrives at the room. Thank goodness. He comes in, Marianne briefs him that we are dealing with a double footling breech. He says coolly “Okay” then asks “C section?” Marianne says “It’s too late! I am holding two feet, doctor!” Again, super coolly he says “Okay.” He then gears Ali up and tells her to get ready to use the next contraction, grabs a hold of the babys legs, and gets to business. GO. TIME. Everyone in the room who was previously helping set the room up was now on leg holding duty…Ali’s legs. Ali pushes like 3 times, 3 monstrous pushes. Boom. All but this babys head is out. IT’S A BOY! That seemed preemptive since he wasn’t all the way born yet. One more good push, and some tugging from the doc (combined with some Cirque de Soleil poses he had the baby in) and out comes my boy. 11:28am. 21 minutes after we checked in, 10cm dilated, baby Pau was born. An 8lb baby boy jumping feet first (very safety minded already) into the world.

The Conclusion…

My wife is an amazing woman. I knew that before, it was confirmed a thousand times over during this birth, and I know it will be true many moons to come. She had no epidural, no pain medication, and they barely gave her any IV fluids during the turbo birth. Gangster! We get to the recovery room and it hits me and Alison all what just happened. We both kind of tear up and have a joyful and relieved sigh. We pray and thank God that she and the little one are okay. We also pray that God continue to make us the parents He would have us be for this one. Little man is still without a name at this point because we wanted to make sure and pick a good one. And we procrastinated. After a day Ali and I finally settle on Keola Isaiah.

The Review…

Wow…that was a long story for such a quick birth. Thanks for bearing with it. Keola a.k.a. Ola Boy has been a joy…hard at times and kind of shaping up to be a mamas boy (which isn't all bad)…and also so awesome. He has a great smile and an infectious giggle. And he is huge. He is currently 4 months old but wearing 9 to 12 month clothing. Anela has loved having “baby” a.k.a.“bubba” a.k.a. “budder” a.k.a. "Kay" around and is shaping up to be a great big sister.

Monday, December 19, 2011

From Pregnancy to Parties

Hello Friends and Family,

I wrote this awhile ago and just didn't get to post it, so some things that you're reading is a little funny now. But here you go:
It’s been a while, again, and we have sooooo much to update you on.
The first piece of exciting news that you may or may not know is that we are expecting again! We are due around September 10, 2011! I am growing as each day passes. So far, things have been just fine with the pregnancy minus some minor aches and pains.

The beginning of March we went on a Cruise from Clearwater, FL to Cozumel, Mexico with my parents, brothers and Zack’s girlfriend, Sarah. We had a blast, and Anela did great! She is quite the little traveler for her age. Tyler and I had a chance to go out in the evening while my parents watched Anela…Thanks Mom and Dad! It was kinda fun to have a baby with us on the cruise, lots more guests and staff give you attention for a little of Anela’s. We had a great time, eating, tanning, lounging, being entertained and eating some more. We give cruising two thumbs up if you all ever get the chance.
On April Fools’ Day, aka Tyler’s Birthday around these parts we celebrated him with some co-workers at a local BBQ place. It was also an RD’s birthday, Anthony, a few days before. So, they were treated with two very large pieces of red velvet cake to honor their years of life. Anela tried cornbread for the first time at the restaurant. She not only loved it but I think she had a sugar high for the remainder of the evening.
Mid-April I took Anela home to Minnesota for about 10 days. She had tons of fun bonding with and being spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa Ninmann. She also got to play with dogs, Rocky and Charlie. We got her 1 year old pictures taken while there. She wore a couple outfits, including one that I wore in pictures when I was little and one with some Air Jordan shoes that Tyler purchased the week we found out we were pregnant with Anela. Lastly, we were so blessed to get to go to the Hope in Grace Fun Run/Walk Event that is held annually, to raise money for the Grace Doffin Pediatric Heart Research Fund, in honor of the daughter of a good friend from high school, who passed away. It was a mighty cold day but never the less an amazing event to be present for and a part of. Before leaving to head back to MA we celebrated Anela’s first birthday a little early with some banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. She LOVED them, as she does with most things sweet. We are still working on blowing the candles out but eating the cake, she has down.

We returned home just in time to celebrate Easter. A friend, Danny Lee, who used to work as an RA for Tyler at Whitworth, who is now working in Ohio, came to visit us for the holiday. We went to church and then treated ourselves to some untraditional Easter food at Bucca di Beppo. It was great, as I crave tomato sauce/Italian food when I’m pregnant, and I didn’t have to cook or clean up any dishes! After nap time Anela got her Easter Basket and went on an Egg Hunt around our apartment to find eggs with Animal Crackers hidden inside. Words cannot describe her joy when she discover the eggs' contents.

On May 3, 2011 we celebrated Anela’s 1st birthday. It was a small family affair, since we knew we’d do a bigger celebration later in the month when visiting Hawaii. We purchased a DQ ice cream cake and Anela wore a tutu and birthday crown all day. She was a bit timid trying the cake but after about 15 minutes decided she liked it. All this was fine with me and my pregnant cravings for ice cream.; what she didn’t eat, I got to finish.

Shortly after Anela’s birthday we celebrated Mother’s Day. It was a pretty chill day with lunch out and some shopping. However, the next day Tyler treated me to a date with him (thanks for watching Anela, Natasha!) and tickets (fabulous tickets) to the Red Sox vs. Twins game at Fenway Park. It was a great night, in my opinion, for outdoor baseball. We even got to wear sweatshirts and cozy up, as it was a bit brisk in the air. It was a close game. Gardenhire, Twins manager, was thrown out of the game and it went into extra innings. So many extra innings we left and listened to the rest of the game on the drive home. Unfortunately the Twins lost, but it was great to see and cheer on the Twins so far from home. Tyler thanks for the great Mother’s Day gift, it was perfect!
Towards the end of May we headed off to Hawaii, but stopped in our old home Spokane, WA on the way both to and from. In Spokane to got to catch up with some good friends. We stayed with the McGonigal’s and Anela got to play with her friend Ella, who kept her on her toes, running circles around her. Tyler and I were also excited to be reunited with some favorite places to eat like Thai Bamboo and Le Petit Chat.

We finally headed off to Hawaii and we all were excited for family and friends to meet Anela for the first time. We had a blast spending time with Grandma and Papa. We also went to the beach a number of times with Tanner and Felicity and cousins Mathyus and Mackenzy. Anela LOVED the beach and ocean, and was pretty fearless facing the salt water and waves. We must send a big thank you to Dawn, Pono and Emma Kanoho who opened their house for us to crash. Anela has so much fun with Emma… Tyler got a tattoo while we were in Hawaii also. I think he's mentioned it on the blog before. It was a traditional tapped tattoo. Basically some teeth on the end of a stick that are dipped in ink and the guy hit it with another stick into Tyler's skin!!! Very cool and traditional. What made it even more meaningful is that Buck, a good friend, who has also done most of Tyler's other tattoos was in Hawaii as well and got a tapped tattoo with Tyler.
We also hosted Anela’s first birthday party while in Hawaii. Thanks so everyone who came out for it. It was so special to be able to celebrate our little one’s first year of life with great friends and family. The same woman who made our wedding cupcakes, made birthday cupcakes for Anela, and she LOVED them, as did her parents.

At the end of our trip, back in Spokane, we took Anela to her first home at Whitworth University and got some great pictures of her in front of Warren Hall. It’s crazy to believe a whole year has gone by since moving out of the hall.
We came back home from Hawaii and have been settling into a nice warm summer here in MA. We try and get out as much as possible. Anela has a cute little lawn mower that we often take to the football field. Anela also got this wonderful little chair with some birthday money. She loves it and uses it daily.

On June 26th Tyler and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary. We went out to lunch at a great little Italian restaurant, while a friend watched Anela and then
Well, this is the end of my very long awaited blog entry. Hope you enjoyed it.